Game schedule

The schedule has been published. Unless unforeseen circumstances occur this schedule is final.

Please use the following link to the match schedule, results and standings:

If you click on “MY TEAM” and select your team as “FAVOURITE” you will see all matches with time and pitch, except the finals, which obviously will be the result of your hard work during the first 2 days.

Also via Tournify the results and the standings per category will be intantly updated as soon as the umpires have entered the result via the App.

The Umpires will also be scheduled when all umpires are known and we have all the required information. That will be done close to when the tournament starts. Via a personal link the umpires will receive they can fill in the results directly after each match, so you can see shortly after the matches the results and the new standings. When the umpires are assigned to the matches each umpire can see instantly the matches they are scheduled for.