Dear friends in Hockey,

It is with great pride and satisfaction that we, the organizing committee of the ISVT HC TILBURG, can now officially inform you of the exact dates of our tournament.

We are now extremely happy to inform you that the ISVT HC Tilburg Super Veterans Tournament will take place next year on April the 28th-29th and 30th of April 2023.

We shall communicate a more detailed information on this happy event October next.

Doing battle on the partly renewed hockey pitches and enjoying the bites and meals prepared with great care and the drinks caressing your thirsty throats, all this in a Music and dance setting will keep you very much in shape. As you well know, we attach great value to the sporty and social side of our beloved sport. So, you can count on our organization offering you all a couple of happy days in Tilburg. So, please do enjoy the typical hospitality of the ISVT HC Tilburg now.

Needless to say, that we are very grateful to the FIH, EHF, KNHB, WMA and WGMA and the press, keeping hockey very much in the picture. When visiting shops, people approach us with questions about the hockey games they watched on TV.

Pamela Bosch
Ton Strijbosch
Hans van den Heuvel
Bernard Verbunt
Bas Kruik
Simon Rotsteeg
Paul van der Werf

2023/04/28 08:30:00

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