Change of tournament program

Dear friends,

We would like very much to attract your attention to the following issues:

In our Invitation Letter from October, adapted age categories were mentioned. These adaptions have been reversed since then as stated on our website.

Because of the fact that the Dutch national hockey league on Sunday the 8th of May needs a lot of pitches to play their matches, we shall have less time at our disposal that very Sunday. That is the reason that we are obliged to alter the match schedule and have moved matches to Friday morning May 6th. Starting matches at 10.30 AM. The provisional tournament program on our website has been updated.

The captainsmeeting will therefore be moved to Friday morning at 10.00 AM.  In view of the short available time, we shall put  information on this meeting and about the match schedule on our notice board.

The registration of the participating teams at the Tournament Secretariat will be possible as from 9.00 AM on. For teams arriving in Tilburg on Thursday 5th we offer the possibility to enlist on Thursday evening from 19.30 till 21.00 PM .

COVID measures will perhaps hamper our daily lives for some time. Therefore we advise you strongly to make deals with your Hotelreservations as flexible as possible. In case of being obliged to cancel our tournament by COVID, we shall, as we did in 2020, return your payments deducting only a small administration fee.

On our Website we shall add a special page where recommendations and requirements will be mentioned; such as QR codes, entree rules and other measurements.

All this will  be worked out and decided in February next.

We all hope and wish very much to be able to wellcome you in Tilburg again on May 6th-7th-8th 2022.

Please note that due to e-mailmigration of the HC Tilburg mailboxes our ISVT mailbox is not accessible between Chrsitsmas and New Year. We apologise that any queries will probably be answered after New Year.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee,


Kind regards and best wishes for you all and your families,

Pamela Bosch,
Honorary Secretary
ISVT/HC Tilburg
december 23 2021